Submissions for translation, photography, and comics are open from May 1st - 31st, 2019. Accepted submissions will be included in our summer or fall issues. Fiction will be open from May 1st - May 15th for publication in the summer or fall issue. Submissions for Poetry and Creative Non-Fiction will re-open summer 2019.

Thank you for considering carte blanche for your work and please read our submission guidelines before you submit.

Ends in 6 days, 18 hours

We accept English translations of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction written originally in French. If possible, please include the original work on which the translation is based.

If we like your piece and choose to publish it, you will be required to provide proof of permission from the copyright holder of the original work to translate and publish the translation. Obtaining permission can take time, so please do so before you submit!

Ends in 6 days, 18 hours

We're looking for comics that have a story to tell, that explore the boundaries of narrative within the comics form. 

We're open to all styles, subjects, shapes, and sizes, but keep in mind that your comic will be displayed on the web using out image gallery.

See for previous submissions and to get an idea of how the gallery looks. 

Please submit your files at web resolution (72dpi) with an artist's biography of 75 words or less, and any relevant links. 

All files should be named with their proper titles as you would like them to be displayed on the site. Note: If your piece is selected, you may be asked to submit print-ready files for a print-on-demand copy of your issue.

Ends in 6 days, 18 hours

Tell a story in 12 photos or less. Together, your photos should create a narrative – whether abstract or concrete.

Send a Word doc or PDF with your work pasted in and include a statement, captions, and any other relevant text. If your work is selected for publication, we will contact you for a high-res version of the photo essay. Final submissions must be in JPG or PNG format.

PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT HUGE FILES. We will not consider ANY submission that is over 5 MB. A low-res version is adequate for submitting. 

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